• 1. What are the requirements to attend a "member orientation"?

    • Married and cohabiting couples only (Same Sex OK as long as they meet all other qualifications)
    • Cohabiting couples must have matching ID’s. BOTH must present a DRIVER’S LICENSE OR STATE ID CARD. If the ID’s don’t have matching addresses, a lease or a reoccurring monthly bill must be presented as proof.
    • If Married or cohabiting, both must attend the presentation together
    • No Singles (Our program is designed to benefit families)
    • Cannot own or have toured a travel club in past 13 months
    • Ages 45-75 (ONE MUST QUALIFY)
    • Must have a combined annual income of at least $60K
    • Retirees are welcome as long they meet all other qualifications
    • Must present a valid Major Credit Card (Debit Cards, Check Cards, and Checkbooks are UNACCEPTABLE)
    • US Citizens Only
    • Must speak, write, and understand English (Multi Language Services are not available at this time)
    • Children or uninvited guests are not permitted to attend the presentation

  • 2. You offered a "free" gift for attending, is it really free?

    Yes and No.  Most promotional items are provided to you at no charge by our company.  However, often there will be taxes or other fees associated with your gift item.  For example, a free vacation, you may be responsible for room tax, meal tax, and other local destination taxes.  We do not benefit from these charges in anyway.

  • 3. Are travel clubs a scam?

    Unfortunately the world is full of people who will take your money and run, regardless of the product being sold.  It seems like every week there is a roofing contractor or nigerian scam that is taking advantage of people.  It is understandable why you would ask the  question.

    Our Fulfillment company provides nearly a half million vacations a year, flawlessly.  As a partner of one of the largest fulfillment and rewards company in the world, you can rest assured that you will always receive the best possible service, price, and destination. Keep in mind that with our 110% GUARANTEE*, you will always enjoy the lowest prices available.

    *110% GUARANTEE provided upon request through RSiVacations


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